If you haven’t heard the word readymade, then you may not truly understand the art of buying a dress shirt. If you have seen gents shirts on the market, you have probably noticed that they all have great style and look stylish. Many have embellishments on them that look manly, yet sophisticated, which is what you want in a dress shirt. However, there are some differences between a customized or ready-made shirt.

Readymade Shirts

These types of shirts are made in a factory and have many manufactured in the same style and general shape. They generally have sizes, such as Small, Medium and Large and are usually slightly larger than custom shirts to accommodate the different sizes of men. Two men that both wear a size Small may look slightly different in a readymade shirt, but they will still look dashing and ready to go to work.

Customized Shirts

The customized shirt had fallen out of style but is now back on the rise. These shirts are made specifically to fit your needs. They are tailored and this can now be done online. Before, you would need to go to a tailor to get yourself measured and continuously try on the garment to ensure proper fit, but nowadays, you can send in your measurements and have a wonderful shirt that will fit you incredibly well.


A readymade shirt is an inexpensive way to look stylish and professional for your job. They do cost less than the customized option, about half as much. However, for a better fit and more options, the customized shirt is definitely the way to go. You may consider using both options. Everyday work wear could include some readymade shirts and special meetings or occasions for work could include some customized shirts.


Though most dress shirts are made the same, the readymade shirt may have a slightly larger cut than a customized one. This is because the manufacturer wants to account for the slightly different sizes of same-sized men.


If you are interested in a very form-fitting shirt that is still comfortable, you will want a customized option. The customized shirt is tailored specifically to your body, which will help pull in your waist and collar. You can also have them longer than a regular shirt if you have trouble tucking them in. However, most men can handle a readymade shirt, unless they have specific requirements.